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August 07, 2011


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Brent Beckley, one of the founders of Absolute Poker, pleaded guilty in Manhattan to conspiracy to commit bank fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy to violate the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and is expected to be sentenced in April 2012.


that is some sick shit, it really tells you where you sohlud focus your energies. think about it, he was making alot of money already as the owner of that site, then he saw an opportunity to make WAYYYYY more, now he is a gambler by profession a person who generally highly risk averse, sounds paradoxical but true, at the professional levels, so he must have felt it was a better decision to sell the company to someone then rob the dumb fuck for $22.8 million and got away clean!


cant tell me the people from ub and absulote didnt notice something strange i mean its really cheap to find software wich discovers such things cant believe phil hellmuth puts his name on the line for that company..


Review by Robert P. Beveridge for Rating: Annie Duke's Conquering Online Poker (Big Vision Studio, 2005)Okay, so everyone knows that sex sells. Everyone also knows (everyone, at least, who wtahces the World Series of Poker) that Annie Duke is one fine-lookin' lady. Given those two facts, I cannot help but think that someone hit upon the bright idea for this DVD, which is sixty minutes of Annie Duke (in, at least, a good outfit) talking while sitting in the dealer's chair at a Hold'em table. I can't swear to it, because I am extremely thick sometimes, but I'd also say that it counts as an extended infomercial for UltimateBet.Now, as long as you're simply looking for some eye candy and don't mind infomercials Annie Duke is sure easier on the eyes than Billy Mays or Ron Popeil go for it. If you're looking for information on playing online poker, however, you've come to the wrong place. At least half the video is spent discussing tips, tricks, and techniques for setting up an account with an online poker site; I'm not entirely sure, but I'm guessing that the people who are going to be the target market for this video have already done so. This is not necessarily an uncommon problem; almost every book on Thoroughbred handicapping published, no matter how advanced, includes at least a couple of pages on how to read past performances. But there you're talking about two or three pages of a three-hundred-plus-page book; here; you're talking about fully 50% of the content. One's excusable if annoying. The other is hard to swallow, especially at MSRP. There's some interesting stuff to be found in the latter half, but nothing that really goes into depth, and a surprising lack of visual aids; no diagrams, charts, screencaps, etc.Rent this one if you must, but it's not worth your hard-earned dollars, and it's not got much rewatch potential. **


Could be the beginning of the end BUT There is still such a long road ahead. You have state law vs. fedrael law tribal gaming interest within states corporate interest from Nevada and New Jersey competing global licensing jurisdictions and international laws involving North America and Europe. Not to mention the legal process in the US Senate, House of Rep's, and each and every state.Complicated is a gross understatement.


Personally, I like Bodog.com and Pantasia.com. Both sites have a nice assortment of 3rd Party games (including Blackjack, with a clpuoe variants) and Welcome US players. You do have to use a site like Ewallet to make a deposit (which can take a few days to clear from your bank account and has limits for the amount you can deposit each month gone are the days of quick, easy deposits, which I guess might be a good thing, since it is all to easy to clean your account in the heat of the moment hehe) Anyway, sign up for an account at either of the above, go to the cashier on the casino site, and it will have deposit options. Good luck, and win big!


How does legal gambling and ilgleal gambling differ from each other? What the the laws and rules of it and why? What part of gambling is legal and what part is ilgleal? Who runs this and these kinds of things when I hear about ilgleal gambling on the news? How is it decided whether someones gambling was ilgleal and what do they do to them if they get caught? How does the whole thing work? Why is certain types of gambling legal and other types of gambling ilgleal? What types of gambling is legal and ilgleal? And whats your opinion on gambling and the laws on it?WHERE IS THE LINE DRAWN?


I don't believe much in safe bets. Every bet has its risk.Still the saesft one I know is Blackjack. Believe me it's easy to win (get some people that have never played). You just have to be smart enough to know when to be hit, when to stop, and when to split (amongst other things).Blackjack = easy money most of the time.


I want to play black jack online. I want to play for real money, but I am sacetipkl about pretty much every online gambling site out there. Does anyone know a website that is legitimate and won't rip you off in any way? I'm in california, is it legal and safe? Any tips of suggestions would help.


Each religion is baciaslly a set of unique beliefs in stuff that is without evidence. That’s the common thread amongst all religions; belief in stuff without evidence. People who believe something as absurd as “my beliefs without evidence are true whilst yours are not” are gambling something on this; what is it that they are gambling?


Ivey, durrr, victor bloom can you argue these are the 3 scaisert players in the world? I wouldnt dare challenge them, i think iveys the best though, his reads on people are scarry good. The one thing i dont like about durr ivey and patrick antonius is there need to try to always make sick calls or hero calls when on TV, they shit on peolpe online though its was fun to watch them play back in the day when it was legal


Love playing Blackjack? What if there were truly a seerct that nobody knew about with respect to the game of blackjack? And what if the very thing everybody thought were true about blackjack, was actually the exact opposite of the truth? Check us out google blackjack seerct code.


Wind River Casino outside of Norman .Brand new and supspoed to be awesome .if you're willing to drive an hour or so east to Tulsa, Cherokee Casino and Resort, I-44, Exit 193rd E ave has a LARGE poker room also have Blackjack and 3 card poker as well .


It will be tough.===============The El Capitan is a pretty small cinsao. The gaming commission lists them at 234 slot machines and five table games + sports book. The county of Hawthorne is only about 5000 people. I think it will be a tough sell given such a small population base. Casinos don't make much money on poker so they don't open a table in such a small market. I would ask the owner if he is willing to do a survey and ask his customers if he did open a poker table would people make a good faith effort to play a few dozen hands of blackjack before or after their poker game. Most cinsao owners view poker as a way to get patrons into the cinsao, but they hope that they will play some other games. Of course, you can't legally require people to also play other games, but since Hawthorne is a small town the cinsao owner may respond to the wishes of his customer if he thought it would increase business. Small cinsaos may be inclined to purchase a machine. However these machines are pretty expensive.==============The only way I can think of is to convince him that he is losing business that is driving out of town. I think the only way to convince him is to do a survey. Sometimes small cinsaos open a poker table and then re-evaluate after 4-6 months. If you can encourage your fellow players to give the cinsao some other business while they are there, the owner may go for it. A mini cinsao opened in Fernley that featured two poker tables so some small cinsao operators feel that it is profitable.


I think I have an idea for you that MAY work. Around where I live there is a live poker league in tevrans and restaraunts that advertise for free poker and it is. Now, from time to time we hold CHARITY events where the buy in is say $60 and the charity gets $10 of it and the players winnings come from the rest. Should the Charity HIRE You to run the event, you could take a portion of the buy in also. $45 to players $10 to charity $5 to house. The players will then eat food and drink while playing or on break and you can make money there with the restaraunt also. Now, sometimes there MAY be a friendly game or two being held in the back corner of the room played with CHIPS. Might not work for you where you are at but may have given you some sort of an idea. Check with your city clerk.


Well, to start, I hope you plan to open in Nevada or an Indian reservation. Those are bacliasly the last places that you can gamble. I know there is one place back east that you can New Jersey maybe?You have to get a gambling license I believe. The reason behind that is that gambling is heavily taxed by state governments. (Thats where Nevada gets its money to do just about everything.)You also have to be 18 to gamble. (21 if alcohol is served at your location.) So you would have to check ID's.Contact your state or local government to see what you can/ can't do. I know it differs in every state. I tried to find a list of places where gambling is legal but I came up with nothing.Good luck!

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